Book Word Family

A word family is a group of words that share the same lexeme or root. Also called “lexical families”, they are made up of primitive words (book) and its derived words: freeeria, freeesco, freeote.

How is a word family formed?

In this case, the lexeme or root is libr-. By adding morphemes, derived words can be formed, for example:

  • book + audio prefix- = Audiofreeor
  • book + suffix -ero = freeero
  • book + diminutive = freeito
  • book + inflectional plural = freeyou

Lexical book family


Words derived from “book” with their definitions

  1. Audiobook (noun). Sound recording of the reading of a literary work.
  2. Libracho (noun). Libraco.
  3. Libraco (noun). A derogatory way of referring to a book.
  4. Librazo (noun). Hit that occurs with a book. Way of referring to a very good book.
  5. Library (noun). Establishment where books are sold. Library.
  6. Bookcase (adjective). Pertaining to or related to the book trade.
  7. Bookseller, ra (noun). Person who is dedicated to the sale of books.
  8. Libreco, ca (adjective). Pertaining to or related to the book.
  9. Notebook (noun). Small book used for making annotations.
  10. Libretist (noun). Person who makes scripts.
  11. Libretto (noun). Script of a movie or television program. Text of a lyrical work.
  12. Little book (noun). Diminutive of “book”.
  13. Gamebook (noun). Type of children’s book that aims to involve the reader by presenting them with various games.
  14. Books (noun). Plural of “book”.
  15. Booklet (noun). Augmentative of “book”.
  16. Bookends (noun). Support to hold or transport books.
  17. Bookend (noun). Stopper that serves as a support to hold books.
  18. Video book (noun). Book that mostly has images or that only consists of them.

Sentences with the “book” word family

  1. Loved going to library and go home with many books new.
  2. The young man searched the attic and found a libraco old and huge.
  3. The novel I gave my mother for her birthday is a librazo.
  4. He wrote down the address on a notebook and put it in his pocket.
  5. The Bookseller He recommended a volume of short stories that he liked very much.
  6. I bought myself a little book kitchen to learn how to bake cakes.
  7. During the car ride, the children heard a audiobook and they behaved very well.
  8. The libretto from the movie we saw last night is really very bad.
  9. Forgot the book holder in the square and lost his favorite novel.
  10. The girl had an imagination bookish without equal.