Agenda Examples

In many areas of work or of social and political organization, the agenda of a meeting is known as order of the day. It is about the structured planning of the content to be discussed in the meeting, a previous programmatic scheme whose main function is to inform the attendees of everything necessary to be up-to-date and be able to actively participate in it.

The agenda usually begins at parliamentary sessions, to popular assemblies or other types of organized congregations that occur with some regularity. It is a state of matter, a diagnosis prior to the assembly itself.

They usually start with the date, time and place of the meeting, often the attendees and then the main points to be addressed. Together with the minutes of the meeting or the list of what was discussed, they constitute the formal and documentary record of the activity carried out.

Agenda examples

  1. Ordinary neighbors assembly
    Miramar residences

February 12, 2001

First call: 7 pm
Second call: 7:30 pm
Ground floor of the building.


  • Signing of the attendance list
  • Presentation of achievements of the neighborhood council
  • Accountability and delivery of written support
  • Election of a new neighborhood council
  • Other unfinished business
  1. LAVEWRAP Inc.

Extraordinary shareholders session

March 20, 2014
11am – Dispatch of meetings


  • Presentation of the situation in the face of the unforeseen deficit in February
  • Request for actions from the sectors of: finance, forecasting, marketing
  • Assessment of potential risks and preparation of a rescue agenda
  • Spending cuts
  • Other related matters
  1. Municipal Origami Club of Logroño

Commemorative Assembly of April 1, 2011

Place of the call: Party room of the edif. Mucuruma
Call time: 10 pm


1. Presentation and hymn

  • Anthem of the Municipal Origami Club of Logroño: “Let’s bend, let’s bend”
  • Greetings from the President, Mr. Pero Juan López
  • Order speaker: Ms. Milagros Salas

2. Commemorative act

  • Award ceremony for the fastest bender
  • Award ceremony for the most elaborate dubber

3. Closing

  • Public reading of the Club’s founding letter
  • Call to the next assembly
  • Anthem of the Municipal Origami Club of Logroño: “Let’s bend, let’s bend”