8 Examples of Flyers

A steering wheel It is a type of printed paper whose fine can be from the transmission of an idea (religious, political, etc) or the trade in a product or service.

In the first case it is called propaganda flyer since its purpose is to propagate a religious or political doctrine.

In the second case it is a advertising flyer (for advertising purposes) since its objective is the purchase, sale or exchange of a good or service.

Purpose of the flyer

In both cases the steering wheel has one purpose: reach a target audience or reader to generate a reaction from them. For this purpose it makes use of advertising and propaganda tools of persuasion.

It is important to indicate that this form of communication or transmission of information has been presented since ancient times.

Making a flyer

To be able to make this flyer at present, it is required:

  • 1 idea or objective to convey
  • 1 market or public to whom said flyer is addressed
  • A format (be it paper, digital, etc). In most cases it refers to a flyer in paper format. However, in recent years you can see digital flyers.
  • Selection of the right words. The abuse of words or the use of technical words (Except in the case that the public to whom the flyer is directed so wishes, for example in the case of a flyer with offers on imported transistors or capacitors for a technical audience).
  • Using an image. The use of an image that is related to the theme is recommended. However, it is not mandatory, although it is suggested since an image helps in the visual communication process.

Types of steering wheels

There are 5 different types of steering wheels:

  1. Promotional flyer. Within these flyers are flyers with offers or discount coupons.
  2. Advertising flyer. Its function is the sale or purchase of a certain product or service.
  3. Informational flyer. It is used to communicate about a particular event. This event can be aimed at the entire community or at a specific audience.
  4. Propaganda flyer. It is used for political or religious purposes.
  5. Collection flyer. It is used for the collection of taxes or collections.

Flyer Examples

  1. Triptych flyer. It consists of 3 parts. They are advertising flyers.

triptychtriptych 2


  1. Diptych steering wheel. It consists of 2 parts. They are also, generally, advertising flyers.



  1. Monochrome flyers. They can be promotional, publicity, propaganda, informational or fundraising flyers. The peculiarity is that they are printed in a single color.

steering wheel-monochrome1

steering wheel-monochrome2

  1. Polychrome steering wheel. They are printed in 4 colors (Cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This type of flyer is known as CMYK, for being its acronym in English: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key or Black.

polychrome steering wheel

  1. Discounted flyers. They belong to promotional flyers. They generally have an expiration or expiration date.

discount flyer

  1. Neighborhood flyer. Generally, this type of leaflet is presented in a single color (monochrome) and its purpose is to inform a certain neighborhood or commune about a particular topic. For example; neighborhood insecurity. They are informational type flyers.

neighbors steering wheel

neighbors flyer 2



  1. Political Campaign Flyers. They are intended to persuade to obtain a modification in the attitude of the voter. They generally occur in a massive and saturating manner in the months leading up to the elections. They are propaganda flyers. They are mostly printed or found in a polychromatic way, that is, in 4 colors, for their greater visual appeal.



  1. Local launch flyer. In front of the opening of a commercial premises, flyers of various colors (polychrome) are printed with the aim of communicating said opening to the population. These types of flyers are advertising.

local launch flyer