50 Examples of Pride

The pride It is the feeling possessed by someone who places himself above the rest of the people. The proud person feels superior and despises the achievements, attributes or knowledge of others. For example: A first division soccer player who rudely treats lower division players.

A proud person exposes his achievements (academic, economic, sports, work, artistic) in an excessive way to others. He seeks the gaze and approval of his peers. The term “arrogant” is often used as a synonym for arrogant, vain, intolerant, and self-centered.

For Catholic theology, pride is one of the seven deadly sins, from which the others derive. The opposite of pride is humility (being aware of your own weaknesses). At the extreme of pride is narcissism (a personality disorder in which one person feels superior to the rest)

Characteristics of a proud person

  • Constantly mention and highlight their achievements or experiences.
  • Seek compliments from other people. You need approval and recognition.
  • She is usually insecure and with low self-esteem. Show yourself what you consider valuable to gain the approval of others.
  • You tend to have a charming personality at the beginning of any relationship. He radiates charisma and sympathy and monopolizes conversations.
  • He exaggerates his qualities, puts all his security in them.
  • Compete with other people and put them down to enhance your own figure.
  • He does not admit his own mistakes and has difficulty accepting criticism about his behavior or actions.
  • She does not tolerate other people who are not like her.
  • He does not admit other points of view and it is difficult for him to respect the opinions of others.
  • Her attitudes often arouse rejection from those around her.

Pride and pride

Pride is the value that a person has of himself. Pride is negative when it is based on comparison. A proud person stands above others regardless of his own weaknesses and shortcomings.

Pride and pride can be seen as synonymous, since both imply an excessive personal value.

However, while pride does not have a positive connotation, pride can be positive when it is related to self-confidence and self-worth. In this sense, pride is presented as the feeling of satisfaction that a person experiences with their achievements or those of the people around them. This pride is not exaggerated and it is well deserved. For example: Agustina is proud of herself because she managed to overcome her stage fright.

Examples of pride

  1. The politician did not greet the townspeople when he arrived in his city.
  2. Money has changed Juan Carlos a lot. Now he feels superior to his childhood friends.
  3. After graduating with honors, the doctor did not greet the members of the academic committee on stage.
  4. He was a renowned scientist but he believed himself to be the best.
  5. The singer pushed fans who asked for an autograph at the hotel door.
  6. The teacher congratulated us on the scientific presentation, but then Laura began to act arrogantly saying that she had done most of the work.
  7. The journalist was kicked out of the television studio for not respecting the opinions of the guests.
  8. Miguel Ángel does not tolerate the point of view presented by his therapist.
  9. I know Marisol won’t be coming to my birthday. She is very arrogant to admit that she was wrong with me and offended my entire family with her comments.
  10. After failing to win medals in the track and field competition, Camila spat on the podium.
  11. For Constanza she is the reason why the company works.
  12. I really don’t want to work with Romina anymore. She is a woman with a lot of money and academic preparation but she is always showing it.
  13. Antonio wants to do all the group work alone, because he thinks that the rest of the team members are going to make mistakes.
  14. The owner of the inn evicted the young people who made fun of the receptionist.
  15. The governor visited the flooded areas but when he arrived he did not want to visit the houses, he only limited himself to observing from the truck.
  16. Martina does not let Juan speak at the table, for her, he always speaks nonsense.
  17. My boss didn’t even look at us after the presentation, she took credit for the achievements even knowing that this contract was our achievement. My father never asks for forgiveness, even if he was wrong. It is too arrogant to admit a mistake.
  18. Gustavo monopolizes all family conversations. His stories always deal with his personal experiences.
  19. My brother forgot to send me proof of payment. He got really mad when I let him know.
  20. Claudio always criticizes the lifestyle of the people of the town where we live.
  21. Carlos and Tamara have inherited several million dollars and, despite their wealth, they retain their beautiful humility and absolute absence of pride.
  22. Robert has never apologized to Noelia, although it has been proven that she was innocent.
  23. Damien’s best friends are tired of him always knocking their projects down.
  24. Sonia is a swimmer and does not agree to share a pool with people who are below her level.
  25. She believes that those who live on the other side of town do not deserve her respect.
  26. The lady treated the clothing store employees with contempt.
  27. The doctor attended the hospital and did not charge a penny for his work. An example of goodness and a complete lack of pride.
  28. María del Carmen will only act in the end of the year play if she is assigned the main character.
  29. The boss wouldn’t let the metallurgical employees look him in the eye.
  30. Jasmine turned off Sofia’s microphone so that no one would hear her partner’s voice when they sang.
  31. He was not an iota of pride. That woman had given everything for those most in need.
  32. Julián never accepts the advice that his father gives him.
  33. The manufacturers of the Titanic acted with pride in believing that not even God would sink the ship.
  34. Francisco does not pass the ball to his teammates, he always wants to be the one who scores the goal.
  35. The landlady shouts at her employees.
  36. Nobody wants to hire him as the technical director of the team, he always drops the self-esteem of the players.
  37. Power has given him a lot of fame and money but he took humility.
  38. Julia has never apologized for the accusation she made against me. It is too arrogant to admit a mistake.
  39. The employer psychologically mistreated his employees.
  40. Arturo was convinced that no one could take the position of manager in the company out of him.
  41. The judge flaunted his power to get the police to forgive the fine.
  42. The young man from a wealthy social class had fallen in love with a humble girl. Her parents did not accept this relationship because they considered that she was not worthy of their son.
  43. The president does not accept the opinions of his advisers.
  44. Aldana hid the work of her classmates so that the teacher could see them.
  45. Daniela is a lady who does not stop praising herself for everything she has done during her life.
  46. Guadalupe considers herself a great cook and does not allow the rest of the family to cook.
  47. Jeremiah treats the women of the family with impatience and arrogance.
  48. The commander did not recognize the skills of his troops.
  49. The farmer criticized the way of working of his farm neighbor.