30 Examples of Means of Transportation

The means of transport They are vehicles used to move people, information or merchandise from one place to another. They can be terrestrial (when they circulate on land), maritime (when they circulate through the water), aerial (when they circulate through the sky) and space (when they circulate through space). For example: a car, a ship, a plane, a spaceship.

Transportation is an essential part of development of civilizations, the need to go from one place to another or to exchange merchandise led human beings to invent techniques and ways to conquer land, water, air and space. For a long time, transfers were made on foot or animals were used. Later, in prehistory, the wheel ushered in new forms of transportation.

There are means of transportation short, medium and long distance (depending on the trip they have to travel) and can be human-powered, fuel-based or electric.

Types of means of transport

There are different criteria to classify means of transport.

Depending on the route:

  • land route. They are the means of transport that circulate on land. They can be mechanical (manufactured), for example: trucks, trains and bicycles; or natural (when animals are used), for example: mules for freight transport, horses for moving people and carriages.
  • waterway. They are the means of transport that move in the water (rivers, seas or lakes). Its beginnings date back to 3500 BC. C. For example: ships, ships, boats and submarines.
  • Airway. They are the means of transport that move through the air. Its heyday began in the second half of the 20th century. For example: helicopters and planes.
  • space pathway. They are the means of transport that transport people or objects to outer space. This type of transport began to develop in the 20th century. For example: rockets and spaceships.

Depending on the type of access:

  • Public transport. They are public access transport, which transport several people from one point to another and usually have established or fixed routes. For example: taxis, commercial planes and buses.
  • Private transport. They are transports for personal or private use that can only be used by the owner or by authorized persons. For example: cars, bicycles, private planes and helicopters.

Depending on the type of load:

  • Freight transport. They are the transports whose purpose is the transfer of a merchandise by sea, land or air. They can be public or private. For example: a cargo ship.
  • passenger transport. They are the transports whose function is the transfer of people, they can be public or private, and land, sea or air. For example: a bus. They are urban when they move people from one point to another within the same city, or long distance when they move from one point to another further away.

Examples of means of transportation


  1. buses
  2. Car
  3. Bike
  4. Scooter
  5. Train
  6. Truck
  7. Meter
  8. Motorcycle
  9. Quadricycle
  10. Tractor


  1. Boat
  2. Boat
  3. Vessel
  4. Sailboat
  5. Canoe
  6. kayaking
  7. Submarine
  8. Jet ski
  9. Raft
  10. Canoe

air and space

  1. Airplane
  2. plane
  3. Glider
  4. Helicopter
  5. Hot air balloon
  6. Zeppelin
  7. paragliding
  8. Cableway
  9. Rocket
  10. Spacecraft