15 Examples of Solute and Solvent

The solute and solvent They are the components of a chemical solution, that is, of a homogeneous mixture that occurs when one or more substances are dissolved in another substance.

The solute is the substance that dissolves in another substance. For instance: sugar that dissolves in water. The solvent is the substance that dissolves the solute. For instance: Water (Although this differentiation between solute and solvent is sometimes considered somewhat arbitrary).

The combination of the solute and the solvent produces a mixture that may have different properties than each had before mixing. This solution is homogeneous because the mixed substances cannot be differentiated. For instance: sugar (solute) + water (solvent) = sugar water (solution).

The combination of a solute and a solvent is also called a solution.

The water is known as the universal solvent since there are many substances that can be diluted in it.

Solute characteristics

  • It can be in liquid, gaseous or solid state.
  • In some cases, your physical state changes as you join the solution.
  • It is found to a lesser extent in the solution (compared to the solvent).
  • Its ability to be diluted increases in solvents that are at higher temperatures.
  • It has a certain degree of solubility, that is, the ability of the solute to dissolve in another substance.

Solvent characteristics

  • It is also called a “solvent.”
  • It is almost always in a liquid state.
  • It is usually found in a higher proportion than the solute in a solution.
  • He almost always keeps his fitness in solution.

Examples of solutes and solvents

  1. Solution: Chocolate milk
    • Solute: cocoa powder
    • Solvent: milk
  2. Solution: Vitamin C supplement
    • Solute: effervescent vitamin C tablet
    • Solvent: water
  3. Solution: Soda
    • Solute: carbon dioxide
    • Solvent: water
  4. Solution: Vinegar
    • Solute: acetic acid
    • Solvent: water
  5. Solution: Steel
    • Solute: carbon
    • Solvent: cast iron
  6. Solution: Amalgam
    • Solute: metal
    • Solvent: molten mercury
  7. Solution: Bronze
    • Solute: tin
    • Solvent: molten copper
  8. Solution: Alcoholic drink
    • Solute: alcohol
    • Solvent: water
  9. Solution: Brass
    • Solute: zinc
    • Solvent: copper
  10. Solution: White Gold
    • Solute: silver
    • Solvent: gold
  11. Solution: Lemonade
    • Solute: lemon
    • Solvent: water
  12. Solution: Gelatin
    • Solute: gelatin powder
    • Solvent: hot and cold water