10 Examples of Paranomasia

The paranomasia it is a rhetorical figure in which words with similar sounds, but whose meaning is different (paronyms) are used in close positions of a speech. For example: Three sad tigers eat wheat in a wheat field.

In addition to being used in literary texts, this figure of speech is frequently used in word games (for example, in tongue twisters and riddles) or in advertising slogans.

Types of paranomasia

  • Polyptoton. It implies the conjugation of the same verb on several occasions. For example: How want that you want if not me want What I want that me you want?
  • Parechesis. It consists of the use of several words that have the same root or are part of the same ethic. For example: Do Y undo all is to do.

Examples of paranomasia

  1. Realistic Y surreal, with light of impressionistic and stroke Awesome, delirium colorful colirio and oculist, with delirious eyes. (Meccano)
  2. I like Ike. (Dwight Eisenhower’s campaign slogan in the 1952 presidential election, in the United States)
  3. The sea ​​urchin I know bristle, I know curls from laughter. (Octavio Paz, in “Works of the poet, V”)
  4. I know melts and I confuses. (Gloria Fuertes)
  5. Small lied with lies of sugar. (Gloria Fuertes)
  6. Pablito nailed a brad, What nail nailed Pablito?
  7. I River with the curly That curls with your laughter.
  8. By trap of the ramp i ended up as one stamp.
  9. So much silly ink that you attentive and what about you stunned. (Tow)
  10. You put the floor in which poses
    and no longer sewing I know happens
    deep boredom; it’s not the house
    what he wanted… is another thing.
    You put the floor in which happens
    deep boredom; where does he pose
    no sew; is another thing;
    not what wanted; no House.
    Dam of floor without hurry,
    spend a life of prose.
    (Unamuno, Songbook No. 1645)