Examples of Strength Exercises

The physical strength exercises They make the work of the muscles more arduous, by adding weight or resistance to movement. They have the constant of using the physical load as an element of potential, so the exercise will not always be the same for the performer. For instance: squats, bench press, deadlift.

Usually a routine in time, by means of which the number of series and repetitions grows until the volume of force is easily controlled, and then the body is prepared for a more demanding routine in terms of weight.

Most people who perform strength exercises usually do so using two different types: dumbbells and the bodybuilding machines. The former usually allow working a group of muscles at the same time, while the latter help to work a specific muscle in isolation.

Advantages of strength exercises

Everybody the athletes They need to develop their physical strength, even when it comes to sports in which there is no physical contact, such as sprinting: in this case, it is important to enhance the physical strength of the legs.

Strength exercises are necessary for both athletes and people who want maintain your level of health, or improve it in the case of suffering from a deficiency: obesity, for example, is prevented and treated with this kind of exercise, along with cardiovascular exercises.

People who are convalescing, after having undergone some kind of operation or illness, are usually recommended to win strength through exercises de of this type, which must start from a very low load, even minimal or zero.

When it comes to children or youth, who are still developing their muscles, it is very important that the exercise load is not great enough so that the body is overloaded and the normal development of the body is modified.

The development of joint flexibility, the development of the strength of the tendons and the trunk, the development of the stabilizing muscles, and the multiarticular development are the searches that are made through strength and resistance exercises.

Examples of strength exercises

  1. Barbell curl. Raise a barbell from the waist to the chest, with your arms bent.
  2. Squat The legs are separated and it is lowered, bending the knee while the arms are stretched until the hips are at the level of the knees.
  3. Lateral elevation. The same as the squat, but when raising one leg stretched out to the side.
  4. Pulley Triceps Extensions. Using the triceps, the bar is brought in until it touches the front of the thighs, and until the arms are fully extended.
  5. Bench press. Lying on the flat bench, with your feet resting on the floor, you hold the bar and bring it up to touch your chest.
  6. Dumbbell shoulder raises. A dumbbell is held in each hand, and the shoulders are shrugged down.
  7. Dead weight. The bar is taken from the floor, and it is brought to the height of the thighs. This means that the weight is on the ground in the starting position.
  8. Displant. The legs are separated, and it is lowered flexing both knees and then returning.
  9. Seated dumbbell press. A dumbbell is held in each hand, and they rise until they meet above the head.
  10. Pull-ups for pecs. Place your hands on the prepared bars, and lower yourself by flexing to the lowest level possible.
  11. Seated press for pecs. Sitting on a machine, you push yourself forward by exercising your pectorals.
  12. Money. With your hands resting on a plane, and your body held in the air, flex your arms to lower your body.
  13. Dumbbell oval. Lying on a flat bench, perform an oval movement with the dumbbells to exercise the shoulders.
  14. Back extension for biceps. Hold two dumbbells and extend your arms back, exclusively moving your forearms.
  15. Pull-ups for biceps. Raise the supported body to a high horizontal bar.