Examples of Real Estate

In economics, a good is a property or object produced in order to satisfy a need and that has a certain economic value.

A good is considered to be property when its transfer from one place to another is not possible. The term designates those constructions that are on land. For instance: a house, a factory, a place, a building. They are part of the market and are goods that can be bought, sold and exchanged.

Real estate is inextricably linked to the land, so manipulating it would cause total damage or destruction of the property. This differentiates them from movable property that can be moved from one place to another. For instance: a book, a painter’s ladder.

From the legal point of view, all real estate must be registered in a registry and must pay certain taxes such as the tax on the land and its value, on income, on the size of the property.

Types of real estate

  • Goods by nature. Soil and subsoil are the real estate par excellence. For instance: a farm, a plot.
  • Assets by incorporation. They are the constructions that are made in the goods by nature. For instance: a house, a building.
  • Goods by destination. They are movable property that is used for the benefit of the property. For instance: utensils to till the land.
  • Goods by accession. They are movable property found within the real estate. For instance: the doors, the windows, the kitchen appliances. Once in it, they become part of the real estate.
  • Assets by representation. They are those documents that prove that a real estate belongs to a person or group of people. For instance: the property title.

Examples of real estate

  1. Ground
  2. Edifice
  3. Apartment
  4. Home
  5. Factory
  6. Local
  7. Mine
  8. Plot
  9. Mall
  10. Farm

Movable property

The movable property They are all those tangible and intangible assets that can be transferred from one place to another without losing their integrity or functionality. For instance: an appliance, a movie, a pair of shoes.