Examples of Newton’s Second Law

The Newton’s three laws of motion they focus on explaining those problems that are linked to dynamics. For Newton, motion is nothing more than the transfer of a certain body from one point to another.

Broadly speaking, Newton’s three laws can be defined as follows:

  • First law. Also called Inertia law, this does nothing more than affirm that all bodies remain in their state of motion or rest in a uniform way until another body exerts some type of action on it.
  • Second law. This is also called Fundamental principle of dynamics and basically affirms that the force exerted on a certain body will always be proportional to its acceleration. For instance: establish what is the movement of the planet Earth around the sun.
  • Third law. This is also known under the name of Principle of action and reaction and it states that when one body exerts force on another, this other will apply the same force on it, but always in the opposite direction.

Examples of Newton’s Second Law

Below are some everyday life cases where you can observe Newton’s second law:

  1. What is the speed that a helicopter must have to stay in the air could be an example in which the second law applies.
  2. The speed that a rocket needs to acquire in order to place itself in orbit is another example.
  3. The calculation of the acceleration obtained by a stone in free fall also reflects Newton’s statement.
  4. Establishing the movement that the planet Earth makes around the Sun is another case in which the second law of movement is reflected.
  5. Exerting force on a supermarket cart to push it is another clear example of everyday life in which Newton’s second law is embodied.
  6. The force a golfer must exert to get his ball to the hole graphs Newton’s second law statement.
  7. Establishing the force as well as the angle that a rubber must acquire so that the stone that is thrown hits the expected target also reflects Newton’s second law.
  8. Determine the force that a cart must acquire in order to transport what it carries.
  9. The force that must be exerted on a car for this advance is another example of Newton’s second law.
  10. The force with which a soccer ball must be kicked so that it modifies its speed could be another case in which the law in question is observed in practice.