30 Examples of Complementation Questions

The supplementation questions They are a form of evaluation that consists of a statement that must be completed with the required information. A horizontal dash or dotted line is often used for the answer to be written there.

They are, then, sentences in which certain words have been omitted that the person who responds will have to “fill in”.

These questions have certain limitations from the didactic, but they are useful when there is not much time to correct, and the examinees are many. In addition to being used to develop assessments and tests, supplemental questions are very common in surveys and forms.

How to elaborate a complementation question?

Examples of supplementation questions

  1. Lewis notation for potassium sulfate. ____________
  2. Number of the Commercial Companies Law. ____________
  3. The acronym UNICEF stands for ___________
  4. Blood group and factor. ____________
  5. The ____________ Revolution arose in ___________ from a technological advance: the introduction of ___________
  6. Number of inhabitants of the city. ____________
  7. Man known as the inventor of the automobile. ____________
  8. Love in ___________ is a key title in the work of the Colombian writer___________.
  9. Marital status. ____________
  10. Current President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. ____________
  11. The Independence of the Eastern Republic ___________ is celebrated on ___________
  12. Number of people living in your home. ____________
  13. Year in which the last constitutional reform was carried out in Argentina _________
  14. Meaning of the acronym DNA. ____________
  15. Meaning of the acronym RNA. ____________
  16. Oil is a ___________ resource, so you have to try to ___________ its use.
  17. First president in the history of the United States. ____________
  18. It takes the Earth ___________ to go one complete revolution around the sun.
  19. First country to adopt democracy ____________
  20. The ___________ is the system of government that governs Spain and Great Britain.
  21. Natural resources can be ___________ and __________
  22. Occupation. ____________
  23. Date of birth ___/___/_____
  24. In what year did World War I start? ____________
  25. The _____ of ___________ is the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere.
  26. The sum of 5 and 25 results in ______
  27. Year in which the Warsaw Pact was signed _______
  28. The water molecule is made up of two atoms of _________ and one atom of __________
  29. Oranges are beneficial for the body because they contain vitamin ____
  30. The Moon is a __________ satellite of the Earth.