30 Examples of Civil Associations

The civil associations They are private organizations that have legal status, and are characterized by not having profit. For example: Caritas Foundation, Presbyterian Church, Greenpeace.

The Organizational structure The internal organization of an association of this type is identical to that of private organizations, but has the substantial difference that by definition, the surplus money obtained from the organization’s profits will not be used as returns for its founders or directors, but on the contrary they will be reinvested in the civil association.

Classification of civil associations

Broadly speaking, civil associations are classified into two large groups:

  • Cooperative associations. The first is that of cooperative associations, which are social organizations made up of individuals whose main intention is to generate new sources of work or to preserve some that are in danger, when a private company is about to close. Cooperative associations, which always comply with legal regulations, have the characteristic of offering a product or a service that can also be done from private initiative, in some cases even competing with each other. Possibly the consumer has no notion of the cooperative nature of the association that produced it, but in the spirit of this class of associations also lies the intention of exchanging certain individual values ​​for other principles, of teamwork, equality and help. mutual.
  • Non-profit associations. The other type of civil association is one that lacks profit for the reason that the activity it carries out is one that is not profit-making. Cultural, educational, outreach, sporting or similar purposes have in their essence certain issues that give rise to the intention of profit not being present, to the extent that the reason that gives rise to the birth of the organization is another : the benefit that the association produces is rather collective, and cannot be individualized in a few people who receive a product or service.

Legal treatment

Although the profit motive does not appear, the driving and the economic administration However, these types of organizations are very important, and when it comes to large organizations it is not right for it to be improvised or left in the hands of inexperienced people.

Different States often have favoring policies to non-profit associations, such as the exemption of certain taxes: in this way, there are not a few who take advantage of associations of this type to personally defraud the treasury, generating double damage in the taxes they have not paid , and also in the delegitimization of the noble actions of civil associations.

Constitution process

Civil associations are always subject to law, and it is very important to prove the constitution of one of them so that in the future the eventual benefits can be accessed: the place and date of incorporation, the personal data of the constituents, the choice of a name and a corporate purpose for the entity, as well as the establishment of a registered office are important elements for the birth of the association, which may later have active, life or honorary members.

The follow-up What the State does about them is analogous to what it does about private companies, requiring the presentation of statutes, balance sheets and accounting reports: only in this way can the normal functioning of the organization be recorded, something that may not happen beyond the nobility of the original purposes.

Examples of civil associations

  1. Association of Magistrates and Officials of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires
  2. Organization for animal rights.
  3. Organization of relatives of deceased in air tragedies.
  4. Argentine Philatelic Association.
  5. Cybervolunteers.
  6. Caritas Foundation
  7. Restaurant worked cooperatively.
  8. Civil Association for Equality and Justice.
  9. Belgian Association of Buenos Aires.
  10. Presbyterian Church.
  11. José Carreras Foundation against leukemia.
  12. Donavida Foundation
  13. Furniture production cooperative.
  14. Mountaineering cultural center.
  15. Jewish community of Valencia.
  16. Federation of Retiree and Pensioner Centers Costa del Paraná.
  17. Boca Juniors athletic club.
  18. Association ‘Fedelazio’ of immigrants from the Lazio area.
  19. Gabriel García Márquez popular library.
  20. Neighborhood Chess Association.
  21. Parkinson’s Disease Civil Association.
  22. Tourism Professionals Forum.
  23. Greenpeace.
  24. International Amnesty.
  25. Athletic Club San Lorenzo de Almagro.
  26. Foundation for overcoming poverty.
  27. Association ‘A roof for my country’
  28. Bahia Blanca Basketball Club
  29. Center for legal and social studies.
  30. Association of Environmental Remediators.