25 Examples of Irresponsibility

Irresponsibility is the conduct by which a person does not fulfill or respect what is part of their responsibilities or obligations. An act of irresponsibility is carried out without the person taking into account or foreseeing the consequences that it has for himself or for others. For instance: driving a car under the influence of alcohol; failing to complete assignments assigned by a teacher.

It is a type of behavior considered an anti-value and is the opposite of responsibility, which is the fulfillment of obligations and duties.

Irresponsibility not only affects personal life, but many irresponsible acts have family and social consequences. The consequences of irresponsibility may vary depending on the seriousness and importance of the unfulfilled duty. For instance: if the child does not do his part of the group practical work, his classmates are likely to get angry; If the man does not meet the payment deadlines, the house is likely to be repossessed.

Examples of irresponsibility

  1. Not meeting deadlines for a job.
  2. Not attending appointments or meetings.
  3. Driving a car under the influence of alcohol.
  4. Failure to comply with the task dictated by the teacher.
  5. Failure to comply with medical treatment.
  6. Do not take the medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  7. Interrupt a person who is speaking.
  8. Being late to work on a frequent basis.
  9. Not keeping one’s word.
  10. Not complying with social norms.
  11. Do not sanitize the home or workplace.
  12. Do not calculate expenses before a trip.
  13. Not paying a fee that corresponds to a loan.
  14. Not paying attention while driving a vehicle.
  15. Not answering an emergency call.
  16. Not taking care of the children.
  17. Not respecting work hours.
  18. Do not wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or motorcycle.
  19. Not reading the terms and conditions when hiring a service.
  20. Show up to take an exam without having previously studied.
  21. Make unnecessary expenses and do not make other necessary ones.
  22. Respond aggressively to peers or superiors.
  23. Not respecting road safety regulations.
  24. Not respecting safety regulations in a factory.
  25. Do not use life jackets when doing water sports.