20 Examples of Integrity

The integrity It is a name that any entity receives if it is in its original form, that is, it is composed exactly as it is expected to be. Something full, then, it is something that has all its parts intact, that is, it is complete and has no flaws.

Although the name is frequently used to refer to the conditions of objects, it is more common to use it speaking of the human quality of integrity, which in a way replicates what it means to speak of any entity.

When talking about a person of integrity Reference is being made to the value of living with rectitude, goodness and honesty that is understood as faultless, that is, of not having any circumstance for which one can be ashamed or regret. For instance: a student who passes exams without cheating.

The integrity of the person, analogous to that of objects, lies in keeping all its entire parts, but not in reference to the outside of its body but rather to its behavior, since everything it thinks, what it says and what it does saves a same sense and one direction.

Integrity and willingness to change

The suggested definition for the idea of ​​integrity gives rise to considering that people who for some reason change their opinion or discourse, immediately cease to be of integrity, which closes the door to the (also positive) value of be open to other people’s ideas.

In truth, the change of opinion is not in itself evidence of a lack of integrity, but rather the consideration that the change of opinion was due, rather than to a genuine arrival at an alternative conclusion, by an attempt to take advantage.

When a person has built a legitimacy and a confidence that nobody doubts, nobody will be able to consider that a change of opinion of yours is due to some other reason that is not the simple modification in the opinions.

Paradoxes of integrity

Within the virtues Of the people, integrity is seen as one of the most important. However, life in society provides that lacking it is not a reason to deprive a person of freedom, nor to confine him from the rest of the inhabitants: on the contrary, unfortunately it is not wrong to consider that, at least in some countries, the People who do not pay much intention to their integrity are usually more likely to succeed in some areas, including politics.

This happens because temptations With regard to hypocrisy, lies, corruption, fraud or deception there are many, and it is difficult to let them all go by: the value of integrity stands out precisely there, since the passage of time ends up rewarding those who acted in the right way. straight and condemning those who did not, at least when it comes to having to live with their own conscience.

Here are some examples of expressions of integrity.

Examples of integrity

  1. A married couple who have been around for decades, not cheating on each other.
  2. A student who passes exams without cheating.
  3. A child who learns and takes seriously what to tell the truth even though it hurts.
  4. A person who, in clear physical superiority against another, does not use his strength.
  5. Leaders like Nelson Mandela, who oppose authoritarian regimes through peace.
  6. A child who has always arrived at school on time.
  7. A person who does not deny the place where he was born and raised.
  8. A journalist who does not allow his opinions to be manipulated.
  9. People who, even having a certain power, choose to respect and listen to others.
  10. A politician who, when he has won an office by popular election, later does not change party or coalition.
  11. A person who does not act with feelings of resentment or anything like that.
  12. A person who does not evade his obligations to the Treasury.
  13. A person who respects older adults and values ​​their knowledge and experience.
  14. A person who respects animals.
  15. A person who, having the possibility to defame another and thus gain advantages, refrains from doing so.
  16. A sincere woman in her affirmations, even if it brings her problems.
  17. Athletes who must make enormous efforts to achieve their goal, without falling into easy ways like drugs.
  18. A religious institution that chooses not to play with people’s feelings or faith.
  19. A politician who is capable of rejecting a bribery attempt, and even reporting it.
  20. People who when they assume a responsibility, feel inside it as essential to fulfill it.