20 Examples of Cultural Activities

The cultural activities are those events or meetings organized by a certain society or cultural group with the aim of creating, disseminating or promoting the culture of a group or social sector. For instance: a classical music festival, a gastronomic fair.

These types of activities are usually promoted by public or private organizations of a community (municipalities, embassies, cultural centers, museums) to transmit their culture and identity. They can be directed to a region, a country, a town or just a few people.

Cultural activities make it possible to generate bonds of union between members of the same community. They transmit beliefs, customs, traditions and knowledge from generation to generation; through art, dance, poetry, music, clothing, gastronomy, theater, literature.

Characteristics of cultural activities

  • They generate ties and a sense of belonging among the members who share a certain activity.
  • They are found in all cultures and types of societies. They vary according to the regions, the towns and their customs.
  • They generate areas where people tend to relax and enjoy a moment of leisure and rest.
  • Many of them are carried out within the framework of parties and festivities typical of a culture, country or region.
  • Some are usually made on a certain date or at a special time of the year. For instance: Las Posadas: popular Mexican festivals that last nine days before Christmas.
  • It is common for a people to incorporate customs and traditions from other cultures. For instance: the United States’ own Halloween party is also celebrated in some Latin American countries.

Examples of cultural activities

School actKermesseComic fair
Carnival paradePercussion workshopNational holiday
Circus performanceDance competitionOutdoor cinema
Exhibition in a museumJapanese literature course
Open cooking class
Folkloric rockGastronomic exhibition
Traditionalist parade
Book FairPre-Columbian art showUrban music festival
Classical ballet playHandicraft fairMobile library
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