15 Examples of Teamwork

The teamwork It is that work or activity that is carried out between several people. Team members fill complementary roles and unite skills to accelerate results and achieve greater effectiveness.

Team members are united by a common goal. Examples of teamwork are: factories, where each of the individuals performs a particular task; a volleyball team; the construction of a building.

Teamwork seeks to achieve a good interaction between members and that they complement their abilities and talents to achieve the objective. It is essential to develop in the parties a sense of belonging and rules that are respected by all.

Characteristics of teamwork

Collaboration.  teamwork when climbing

  • Teamwork requires a leader to manage the group, divide tasks and motivate the other members.
  • Members must be clear about their common goal.
  • When referring to this type of organization, its participants speak of a “we” and not a “me”.
  • It is important to achieve a pleasant, pleasant and inclusive work environment in which commitment and communication prevail.
  • The intellectual capacities as well as the psychosocial capacities of the members must be taken into account.
  • Diversity among members produces strong work teams that span different disciplines.
  • Pressure, aggressiveness, desertions, the predominance of only some voices, division within the group are counterproductive in teamwork.

Team work advantages

  • Build a sense of belonging.
  • Involve each participant in the decisions.
  • Build trust between members.
  • Produces feelings of mutual responsibility and commitment.
  • Encourage diversity.
  • Encourage empathy and build stronger bonds of companionship.
  • Stimulates creativity and innovation among members.

Examples of teamwork

  1. Friends working to save an animal in danger.
  2. Rescue team working after a disaster.
  3. Firefighters.
  4. Marketing team of a company.
  5. Football team.
  6. Employees of a circus
  7. Workers building a road.
  8. Classmates doing practical work for school.
  9. Actors in a play.
  10. Friends organizing a surprise party.
  11. A choir organizing an end-of-the-year show.
  12. The members of a consortium.
  13. Personnel on board an airplane.
  14. Workers in a construction.
  15. Employees of a restaurant.
  16. Doctors during an operation.