15 Examples of Standards

The rule It is what indicates how to proceed with respect to a certain matter or matter. For instance: rules of coexistence, technical rules, traffic rules. Given the enormous diversity of issues in which human activity is involved, it is to be expected that there are many, many rules. However, most of them fit into one of the four main categories of standards which are:

  • Legal norms
  • Ethical standards
  • Religious norms
  • Social norms

These are the ones that govern everyday human behavior. Additionally, technical standards regulate aspects more focused on issues related to the world of work.

The norms in a society

The norms of a society demonstrate its attachment and respect for human virtues and make peaceful coexistence possible. The set of norms is called normative, and this acts as a base that governs the whole of a certain matter.

For example, the legal regulations regulates what has to do with the functioning of justice; the regulations of a language regulate the correct expression of ideas materialized through the word.

Differences between norms and rules

The words norm and rule are often used interchangeably, although there is a certain difference:

  • Rules. The notion of duty or ought to be prevalent, based on ethical or moral issues, that is, they point to the depths of human behavior.
  • Rules. What the standards support is specified in precise and unambiguous terms. Often times, the rules regulate more trivial activities, such as a board game or a sport, and the set of rules is called a regulation.

The regulations must always materialize by written, since all the people involved must know it in order to respect it. In hotels, for example, the hotel regulation is almost always posted somewhere in the room (often behind the front door).

Thus, every passenger can know in advance issues that make the behavior expected by passengers (entry and exit times, breakfast, charges for extra consumption, care of valuables, etc.), which tends to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Examples of standards

  1. Legal norms
  2. Moral standards
  3. Religious norms
  4. Social norms (uses and customs)
  5. Technical standards
  6. House Rules
  7. Traffic rules
  8. Quality standards
  9. Conventional standards
  10. Rules of etiquette
  11. Analysis standards
  12. Norms of a language (normative)
  13. Courtesy rules
  14. Equal treatment standards