30 Examples of Third World Countries

The international political divide that occurred when the cold War began, it gave rise to the division of the economic world into two large blocks, one that responded to the needs of the most important countries in the capitalism (the United States and the European powers) and another that went hand in hand with the dynamics of the socialist bloc (led by the Soviet Union).

However, it was evident that this left out a large number of countries from other regions of the world, for which a term with a strong symbolic component was later coined: the Third World. For example: Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay.

Characteristics of the Third World

The nature of the third world was, from its origin, that of a extremely poor region and supplier of raw materials to the two blocks that were in front of them. In exchange, they received some already developed products that were never enough to improve the quality of life of the vast majority, who suffered from ailments such as food insufficiency, pollution problems and access to water.

The condition of producer and exporter of raw materials allows us to see some Additional considerations: As the cluster of countries in this area is very large, none of them is capable of imposing the prices of these raw materials and so they all act as price takers.

This implies that their economic scales they are tied to a dynamic for which they are not responsible, and therefore their economic cycles will be tied to the values ​​of the products they can export: the diversification of production typical of first world countries endows them with much greater economic stability. higher.

problems in education

access to the education in third world countries it has always been a matter of conflict, since it is from a good education that it will be possible to increase the levels of development.

The shortcomings in educational matters they used to be transformed into a youth with little ambition for development and improvement, which was transformed into a low-skilled labor force that was enough to satisfy its most immediate needs: these ways of life are completely functional to the apathy and corruption of the politicians who took charge of those countries.

Twentieth century

As the questions related to the central countries developed, little changed in the third world countries: although they experienced some kind of development, it was very limited and was always insufficient in relation to that of the other two blocs. .

Third world countries led the technological revolution of the late 20th century as spectators and as recipients of already produced products, and having some decision regarding the production of technology usually costs them a lot in terms of foreign currency, which, as was said, is a typical economic problem for these nations.

Examples of third world countries

Currently the third world is fragmented into different regions, some of which are beginning to experience a way out of underdevelopment and growth at very high rates, while others are stuck in poverty and misery, with no prospect of getting out of it in the short term: the term ‘ fourth world’ was coined precisely for that purpose.

Here are some third world countries as an example:

PanamaThe SaviorDominican Republic
PeruCosta RicaPanama
EcuadorGabonBurkina Faso
Saudi ArabiaVenezuelaIran