10 Examples of Extreme Sports

A extreme sport It is all that sport that contains a high degree of risk for the person who practices it. To be able to do them, it must be taken into account that they demand a very important mental and physical demand. For example: snowboarding, surfing, skydiving.

The feeling of constant danger that those who practice it go through is what produces pleasure and adrenaline at the same time, which justifies why so many people choose them.

In general, extreme sports are characterized by:

  • Constantly produce new challenges.
  • They require a significant commitment.
  • They produce a sense of risk and adrenaline.
  • They lack static rules.
  • They are a path to self-realization.
  • They are synonymous with adventure.
  • They are usually practiced outdoors, in contact with nature.
  • They help reduce stress.
  • They require constant practice and good physical condition.
  • They require the use of certain safety elements, such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, among others.

examples of extreme sports

Below is a list of extreme sports, as an example:

  1. Bungee jump. Also know as Bungee-jumping, is one of the first extreme sports to be practiced. It is a practice in which the athlete must jump into the void but tied with an elastic rope, which is placed around the ankles. This sport can be done from natural accidents or from artificial constructions, such as a bridge. Taking all precautions and ensuring that certain safety standards are met is key, as it is such a risky sport.

bangee jumping extreme

  1. snowboarding This sport is one of those that is practiced on snow and is nothing more than the combination of skateboarding, which is practiced with skateboarding, but on cement, and skiing. Except that for the latter a ski is used on each foot, in addition to poles. To practice snowboard, in addition to the board, you must have appropriate clothing for snow and sunglasses.
  2. Surf. This sport is practiced in the sea and consists of trying to dominate the waves, using a “surfboard”. It has to be done on beaches that have powerful and high waves. This is why there are beaches and cities that have become a great attraction for surfers, as is the case with Hawaii, for example.
  3. Skydiving. This is one of the most popular extreme sports. It consists of jumping from a plane, at a considerable height and, after falling a certain number of meters, opening the parachute, which helps the fall to be slow and safe. Generally, people do not jump alone the first few times they practice it, but rather they do it together with an instructor (baptism jumps). In this way we try to minimize the possibility of human error and guarantee the greatest possible security.

extreme sport skydiving

  1. mountain biking Also known by its name in Spanish, mountain biking, this extreme sport consists of traveling through very dangerous mountainous terrain and at very high speeds. Of course, to practice it it is essential to wear knee pads and a helmet, among other safety elements.
  2. Diving. This sport is also part of the extremes and consists of diving to significant depths of the sea in order to explore the different faunas and floras that, with the naked eye, cannot be appreciated. To dive, it is essential to be trained, since it is necessary to learn to use the equipment and the techniques to breathe underwater. In some cases, this sport encourages more adrenaline since the athlete swims among dangerous animals, such as a shark.

diving is extreme sport

  1. Rafting. This sport consists of descending rivers, in the direction of the current, with an inflatable boat, kayak or canoe. Of course, for it to be an extreme sport, those rivers that contain a risky channel are chosen.
  2. Rappelling. Also known under the name of climbing, this extreme sport involves going up and down very high walls and at a very right angle. These walls can be natural, as is the case with mountains, or artificial. This sport can be practiced in both warm and cold areas, even where snow or ice is observed. In some cases, the athletes are tied with ropes to avoid accidents and to be able to help each other, while in other cases, this is not practiced.

extreme rappelling

  1. Paintball. Also known under the name of “gotcha”, in this sport, the players, who are grouped into teams, have pistols loaded with paint bullets. And with them, the participants attack each other trying to eliminate the opponents by shooting them. This sport is practiced outdoors and does not require much training.
  2. Hiking. In this sport, what is done is trekking on risky natural terrain. But in addition, a certain path is established that must be traveled in a previously established time and complying with certain rules. This sport can be practiced by both children and adults and in areas such as mountains, fences, jungles, coasts, deserts, among others.