10 Circular Examples

A circular is a formal document that a certain authority uses to send a notification or information. It is generally urgent and seeks to reach the entire target population.

A circular is issued for a specific group or sector so that the news or information reaches the entire sector in the shortest possible time.

A circular can be issued, for example, by the administration of a building. For instance:

The neighbors are informed that, based on the events that took place last Tuesday, May 14, 2001, after 9:00 p.m. it is strictly forbidden to leave the central door without a key.


The administration

Types of circular

  • Voluntary circular. Communicate about a commercial product, service, people or companies (generally reports on more informal topics).
  • Mandatory circular. It is often used in the commercial field and is used to inform about changes of address, proxies, opening of a new branch, etc.

Structure of a circular

Although it is not a strict document, it always has distinctive characteristics that can help to identify a circular:

  • Header. It is generally titled as Attention! or Circular. In a voluntary circular, the header may or may not be present. In a mandatory circular, the header includes a letterhead, stamp, date, and place.
  • Body. The message usually uses a formal but not technical language and is always oriented towards a certain sector, group or certain population (that is why it is important to take into account the language used by that population, to prepare a circular with the appropriate vocabulary).
  • Firm. The signature helps the recipient recognize who has issued the circular.

Examples of circular

  1. Voluntary circular for general repairs

By means of this circular, the personnel are notified that the pizza oven will not be able to be used during the days 4, 5, 6 and 7 of October of the current due to the repair of the same. During those days the menu of free pizza on the stone.

We hope that customers can be notified of this.

We are at your disposal.


The management
Restaurant “Lady Clothilde”.

  1. Voluntary circular of a school

Parents are notified that on July 14, there will be no school due to school disinfection.


The direction.

  1. Voluntary neighborhood circular


The neighboring gentlemen are asked to take out the garbage between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. in order to avoid breaking bags and causing dirt.


The consortium

  1. Voluntary circular of a sports practice

All the players are notified that due to reforms in the current training club, the practices of the month of September will be held at the “All nothing” club, I quote on the street: Colombia 4771 in this city.

Training days and times are kept.



  1. Voluntary circular for an event within a company

All staff are informed that in commemoration of “Memorial Day”, the company will participate in the Olympics that take place every year.

For this, registrations will be made on May 4 and 5 of the current.

We hope count with your participation,

The company

  1. Circular of a job

All applicants are informed that the interview scheduled for tomorrow will not take place for reasons unrelated to the human resources area.

We hope you apologize for the inconvenience. We will be able to contact you in the following days to re-coordinate a new date.

Kind regards

Ana Laura Gonzales

Degree in human resources

Person in charge of recruitment

Procter & Gamble

  1. Voluntary circular from a public entity office

All litigants are informed that as of March 7, 2014, the files will be consulted in the executive solutions department from 9:00 to 11:00 hours.

Consultations outside the aforementioned hours will not be accepted without exception.


The chairman of the board

  1. Mandatory circular from the Bar Association

Bar Association of the City of Los Angeles
Av. Monroe Dobbs 3032. 5th and 6th floor.

Circular 02/14

All members of the bar association are informed that the new gratuity resolution will not be available until it is approved by unanimous law in the Senate.

Please notify your colleagues of this circular.


Doctor Charles Rich
President of the Bar Association of the City of Los Angeles.

  1. Mandatory company circular

All employees are hereby informed that as of August 2017, the company’s offices will move to the Boston area, 90 km from the current offices.

To face the distance and avoid inconvenience to the staff, the company will have buses that will pick them up at 7:30 AM from Monday to Friday from the doors of said offices and will take them to the new ones.

Of course, each employee can travel to the new offices of the company in a private way by car since the property has parking for staff.

We are convinced that this will be a new beginning for everyone.

We are at your disposal

The company

  1. Mandatory circular from a university

Washburn University

About the support program for native peoples

The university, through the association to combat the marginalization of indigenous peoples, launches a university insertion plan for members of these indigenous peoples who have already completed their secondary level studies, so that they can begin their undergraduate studies.

Said insertion also has internships that members will be able to carry out in the same way as current students who are studying the different academic offers of this institution.

Likewise, economic aid is established for each of the members of the native peoples as well as the possibility of accessing tutors.

This initiative aims to promote insertion and equal opportunities for this population.

It will be put into practice from the next school year (year 2017-2018).


Rector Sarah Steinowicz.